Rodent Proofing/Trapping


FREE Photo Inspection

In order to give you a price on taking care of the rodents at your property, we have to do a full inspection to find where they are getting in, what needs to be sealed off, and how much activity you are having.  We also want to see if it’s mice or rats so we can properly identify the issues. The Photo Inspection is completely FREE!  Once we have gone through the inspection we can sit down and show you all the areas that rodents can enter your home, give you a few different options to take care of the problem, and then you can decide what is best for your home based on the issues and your budget.

Just as a couple of points of reference:

  • Our rodent proofing and trapping is a minimum of $650.
  • Give us a call at 877.232.3055 or send us your information so we can call and schedule a time when it’s convenient to come out and take a look at your home.
  • We remove the old insulation, clean up any rodent droppings or debris, sanitize the attic, and blow in new insulation. The cost per sq ft is $4.00. If you know the measurements of your attic, that will give you the price.
  • If you need a rodent proofing and trapping program, we can come to inspect for that as well at no charge

Rodent Control – FREE Photo Inspection!

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