Bird Control

Bird Control


  • It’s $225 per eave to install netting or hardware cloth, depending on what’s needed.  That includes treating bird mites and removing any nests.
  • We generally recommend a baiting program for 3 months after getting rid of the birds as they will stay at your home. This is $75-$150 per month, depending on how many trays are needed.
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Where they Roost

Birds like pigeons, ravens & sparrows like to roost on warm building ledges and rooftops, especially under solar panels. They will perch in niches and on signs and build nests in and around your property, in the eaves and nooks around your roof and windows. Unfortunately, these actions can cause extensive equipment damage, needlessly clog vents, destroy panels and even reduce property value. Not to mention birds, when left unchecked around your property, can soil your home or yard with infectious and unsavory droppings. Ravens typically nest in rocks and don’t roost very often especially on homes. Crows will roost on homes rarely but mostly light poles.

Professional Pest Management residential Bird Control Services are designed to:

  • Eradicate health and safety issues: Birds and their droppings have been linked to over 40 known viruses and 60 transmittable diseases. Enough said.
  • Respect the environment: Our two-fold program uses integrated pest management (IPM) principles with environmentally friendly bird repellents for long-term bird control.
  • Biological controls and common-sense strategies reduce sources of food, water, and shelter.
  • Exclusion techniques keep birds from getting comfortable on your property, so they’ll fly right by.
  • Provide peace of mind: We’ll thoroughly survey your property, design a customized residential bird control strategy, and guarantee that the work is done correctly.
  • Continue prevention: Our Bird Control Services provide options to drive birds away.

Bird Control

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