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If the Bees are in the Walls – you’ve got two options.
  1. 1. We can foam inside the area they are entering from outside and try and kill them and then seal it up a few days later. You will have some honey that will melt inside the wall. We will dust in the wall to help crystalize it so it doesn’t cause any damage.
  2. We can open up the wall inside the bedroom (drywall side so it is cheaper to repair) and remove the entire hive, honey, etc.  We would put back the drywall removed, but we don’t make drywall repairs.
In the Trees | Swarm | Hive
  • If it’s a swarm in the tree, they don’t often survive. Live removal would start at $450. Killing the swarm would be $175.00
How do you remove a swarm of bees?

Removing a swarm of bees is much easier than removing a full hive because there is no wax foundation and generally they are not found inside a wall, attic, or space that is inaccessible without removing or cutting into it. We use a state-of-the-art bee vacuum that allows us to then safely remove them, relocate them to our family bee apiary, and give them a home with food and allow them to build and grow.

  • We warranty each hive removal for one year against another swarm moving into that same area.
  • If at any time you notice bees again, give us a call and we’ll come out for FREE!
I wanted to see if someone would remove these bees that are started a Honey come in my backyard for free

We don’t work for free, but, if you or someone you know wants to come to perform live bee removal for free, we have lots of work for you. 😉 We are also actively hiring beekeepers and pest removal technicians for pay.

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Bee & Beehive Removal

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