Do I have to leave my home when they fumigate?2024-04-01T17:46:31+00:00

All people, pets, and plants must be out of the house during a full fumigation. (This is when the tent is over top your home/facility)

Are there treatments you offer as an alternative to a fumigation?2024-04-01T17:49:11+00:00

Absolutely. We have in wall foam injection that is effective and leaves a residual that will last for years to come.

What should I know about the termites swarming process2024-04-01T17:50:04+00:00

A “swarm” is a dispersal flight of winged termites to mate and begin new termite colonies. Subterranean termites usually swarm in the spring on warm, sunny days following rain. Subterranean termite swarms typically occur between mid-morning and mid-afternoon and may last several hours Termites swarming indoors will attempt to get outdoors by flying toward light near windows and doors or toward lights that are on inside the room. Swarmers shed their wings after flight, as they will never fly again. After termites shed their wings, the termites mate and seek out areas to begin new termite colonies. Wood in contact with the soil is a suitable site for subterranean termite colonies. A swarm of subterranean termites will not re-infest the structure or its contents when the swarm occurs inside. A recent termite treatment may not prevent swarming within the first three months following treatment.

How long do treatments last?2024-04-01T17:50:42+00:00

For subterranean termites we use Termidor and 100% Results after 8+ Years. With Termidor, Termites are killed, dead. No excuses, and with a lot less waiting around. Government and other tests in the US and abroad have shown that in 8 years there has been no break or reduction in Termidor’s effectiveness. Termidor has been used in over 1,000,000+ homes in the USA. Termidor termiticide is guaranteed to eliminate 100% of the termites in your home, in 3 months or less!

Is Termite treatment harmful to pets?2024-04-01T17:51:22+00:00

We treat your property with Termidor. Termidor contains fipronil classified by regulatory authorities as a low hazard product to humans, dogs and cats. Pets should be kept out of the treatment area during treatment and for at least 24 hours after treatment according to the label, and the Label is the Law.

If I have a termite problem after you provide treatment, will you come back?2024-04-01T17:52:49+00:00

In the unlikely event that termites reappear, we will return right away and correct the problem at no charge.

How quickly will the bugs disappear?2024-04-01T17:53:39+00:00

Results will vary depending upon your personal level of preparation and infestation. After the first initial service you should see a substantial decrease in bug activity, but complete control can and will take a few more services.

Will watering my grass wash away the products you are using?2024-04-01T17:55:03+00:00

We ask that after your regular service you not water your lawn for a period of 24 hours to allow the products time to dry and take effect. After 24 hours you can water your grass and plants like normal.

Can you spray during the rainy season?2024-04-01T17:55:53+00:00

Yes we can spray during the rainy season. This however depends on how much rain or runoff is on your property. We have various products that are designed for very wet environments. Your state licensed technician is trained for every circumstance. He will determine if a treatment would be appropriate at the time of your service.

Why do I need to sign up for one year?2024-04-01T17:56:46+00:00

In order to make your home a pest-free environment, it is necessary that we treat your home year round for several different reasons: Bugs lay eggs which naturally hatch, when and where they hatch is something we learn to control as we treat your property. By using products that have a transfer effect we can actually target the colonies on your property and maintain your home free of bugs. By treating year round we can start to break up the colonies throughout their different activity periods which will help you avoid problems that may occur during each season.

What if I still see some bugs after you spray?2024-04-01T17:57:27+00:00

It is normal to see bug activity right after spraying because the products used on your property are designed to target not only the surface bugs, but the colonies that have been building up on your property for years. If after ten days of your regular service you still seeing groups of bugs or ant trails, give us a call and we’ll come back and retreat for free.

Do I need to be home every time?2024-04-01T17:58:14+00:00

NO, we will let you know when we are going to be coming out to you, if you can’t be home, just leave your gate unlocked on the side and your technician will treat the entire property. If you forget to leave your gate unlocked on your regular service day, just give us a call and we’ll come back and treat the back at no extra charge.

Will chemicals harm my baby?2024-04-01T17:59:15+00:00

Everyone, including all pets, need to be out of the home for a minimum of 2 hours after servicing the inside of the home to allow the products to dry per the label. Anything we use inside your house has been tested and registered for use in California. These are the same products we use in hospitals, day care centers and veterinary clinics, so your baby will be fine. Plus the products we use inside are odorless and won’t leave any type of residue, so once it dries you won’t even see or smell it.

Does the stuff you’re spraying smell?2024-04-01T17:59:50+00:00

Some treatments we use have slight-to-no odor and most people don’t notice anything. Dogs and cats have more sensitive noses and in most cases don’t mind it, but some may choose to avoid it. Every product we use inside is odorless.  However, if green or all natural products are requested they do leave a lingering smell that can last up to 3 days after service.

I have a vegetable garden, will it harm my vegetables?2024-04-01T18:02:47+00:00

We will not be spraying directly in your garden, however the products we use won’t harm any of your vegetables. Just make sure you wash it like you always do before you eat it.

What is a “Re-service”?2024-04-01T18:03:23+00:00

Re-services are services performed in between your regularly scheduled services. Usually when you are still having significant problems with certain pests. If you have never had a professional pest control service they are quite normal. It is a quick spot treatment to target the pests that may still be invading your home. If you notice quite a bit of bug activity after 10 days of your regular service give us a call to come re-service your home free of charge.

Will the same technician be assigned to my house always?2024-04-01T18:04:07+00:00

During our busy summer months you may occasionally have a different technician, but throughout the rest of the year you will be assigned the same technician who will get to know not only your property but your family too.

Is there an advantage to using Green Products?2024-04-01T18:04:47+00:00

Our opinion is that the green products work the same as any of the other products we use. If you prefer green products over synthetic products we have programs that can be tailored to your needs.

Do you offer any Green Products to service us with?2024-04-01T18:05:25+00:00

Yes we have a full line of green products that we can use to service your facility. Make sure you speak with your account manager or the office so we can put a permanent note on your account to ensure we use the correct products each and every time.

How will I know when you are coming?2024-04-01T18:06:00+00:00

After your initial service we will set you up on a set day to keep your service consistent each and every month. A customer service representative will contact you and remind you each month of your regular service day as well, this way if there is anything you need aside from your regular service, we can be assured we have it with us when we come.

What do you guys do differently?2024-04-01T18:06:46+00:00

There are many things we do differently than most companies. We offer day/night service. We have service log books to help better communicate with you and your staff. We offer Sanitation/Structural Inspection reports monthly. But most of all we offer our Quality service which ensures that we will give you more than the best service each and every time. Try us out and we promise you will never leave us!

Can I give the technician a key to come in and service my facility?2024-04-01T18:07:36+00:00

Absolutely. Many of our customers that are serviced at night prefer to give us a key to service when there are no customers in their business. You will still be notified which day we are to service your facility and will have the Service Log Book on hand to see any notes left by your technician along with your monthly Sanitation/Structural Inspection.

Do you offer night service?2024-04-01T18:08:31+00:00

Absolutely we have service specialists who begin their day at 9 pm and work until 6 am in the morning. Whether you need service during the day or night we have you covered.

Do you have set times for service?2024-04-01T18:09:10+00:00

We will find a time that is mutually convenient to get your facility serviced properly. We offer both day and night and can definitely make sure your facility is serviced at the time that best fits your needs.

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