A “swarm” is a dispersal flight of winged termites to mate and begin new termite colonies. Subterranean termites usually swarm in the spring on warm, sunny days following rain. Subterranean termite swarms typically occur between mid-morning and mid-afternoon and may last several hours Termites swarming indoors will attempt to get outdoors by flying toward light near windows and doors or toward lights that are on inside the room. Swarmers shed their wings after flight, as they will never fly again. After termites shed their wings, the termites mate and seek out areas to begin new termite colonies. Wood in contact with the soil is a suitable site for subterranean termite colonies. A swarm of subterranean termites will not re-infest the structure or its contents when the swarm occurs inside. A recent termite treatment may not prevent swarming within the first three months following treatment.