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Bee Removal Services

Don’t Allow Bees to Ruin your Home or Business!

  • Bees are a beneficial insect and when possible we try to save them and relocate them to our family bee farm.
  • Bees usually only sting when provoked.  If you have bees on your property, call us quickly.
  • Bees can cause structural damage and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars if not taken care of quickly.
  • Bees can cause allergic reactions to some.
  • Bees WILL cost you money if not taken care of

What can Professional Pest Management do for you?

We are a family owned company who not only knows bees but has been dealing with bees for several decades.  We are bee keepers.  Where possible we do LIVE BEE HIVE REMOVAL and can save the bees from having to be exterminated.   While this is our goal always, there are some instances in which it requires us to exterminate them.

What methods work the best?

Every facility is different, and based on your needs we may recommend some of the following methods:

Live Hive Removal
  • Depending on the situation, we may have to remove exterior or interior walls to get to the actual hive.
  • Each situation is unique based on how long the bees have been at your property.
  • If left for too long as pictured to the left the bees can build a pretty cool looking home, but will cost you
  • lots of money to remove and fix the structure of your home or business.
  • With decades of experience, don’t delay,  CALL TODAY! 877.232.3055

Bee Removal

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