Bee Hive Removal

What is the Process of a Live Hive Removal?

Full Hive Removal

In order to remove a bee hive we have to first locate the full scope of the hive. If its in a wall we generally drill a small hole and use a borescope to look in and make sure where the activity is. Once we are sure of where hive is located we will begin to remove that area to get into the hive.

We use a smoker to calm down the bees and begin vacuuming up as many of the bees as we can. We carefully remove each layer of honeycomb and begin to wire them into wooden frames to place in a hive box. We continue to vacuum up as many live bees as possible using a special bee vacuum so we can keep them alive and eventually place them back in the hive box at the end of the removal process so they can get back to work on the honeycomb from their hive.

Depending on the location and extent of the removal we can make the necessary repairs. In the event that we are unable to make the repairs, we will notify you upfront before the process begins.

Once we are finished removing all bees, honey, wax foundation and debris we will treat the area before it is sealed up with a special powder to ensure that any bees that are out of the hive hanging around will be killed over the next 24 hours and will be a preventive measure in the future for any swarm flying through the area.

Bee Hive Removal

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