7 Tips to keep flies out of your home or business

Did you know that house flies are capable of transmitting over 60 different diseases like dysentery, typhoid, cholera and gastroenteritis? And that their feet pick up bacteria from feces and garbage which is then transferred to other surfaces it sits on?

If that thought made you feel sick, can you imagine a group of them enjoying your food on the dining table? Or spending time touring your kitchen?

Here are a few tips to keep flies at bay:
  1. Clean your home and working areas (especially places where you eat or cook like the kitchen, dining table etc.) regularly with a good disinfectant solution. Bleach based or chlorine based cleaners are the best options.
  2. Dispose of stored waste regularly, and keep dustbins covered at all times. Garbage cans are a fly’s favorite breeding ground, so cutting the source would help reduce them in numbers.
  3. Keep all food stuffs covered, this includes fruits, that are either cut or whole. This will also reduce the number of fruit flies.
  4. If you have indoor plants, try not to over water them. Prune them well and discard any dead plant matter.
  5.  Use window screens, this way you can enjoy the cool breeze while keeping the flies out
  6. Use insect repellant sprays in the house. Make sure you keep the spray away from children and food.
  7. If you have pets, make sure their waste is cleaned immediately. Also ensure that they are given a bath regularly. You could also wipe their paws after they enter the house from outside.
If these methods don’t work for your home or business, give us a call to discuss several of our fly treatment programs

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